About This Project

This project is created to gain hands-on experience about AWS re/Start Program content and of course more. (You can find more details about the AWS reStart Program on it’s official webpage.) I will share my experiences and some useful content related with AWS and cloud computing for beginners. I believe that the best way for learning is experiencing/applying. When you support your theoretical knowledge with real life practices, your knowledge and experience get much stronger and more permanent.

During this project, sometimes I chose more challenging ways instead of the best-practices to push myself to learn more. I will explain and mention best-practices or easier ways which I didn’t choose in the Used AWS Services page.

I already have some experience in Web Development with WordPress and that’s why I chose WordPress as a CMS for this project. In this way, I didn’t spend too much time for web development and I focused on to use AWS Services as much as I can.

First of all, I’m a beginner and I don’t have deep knowledge about AWS. So, I’m a limitation for this project. 🙂 Other than me, Free Tier account is also a limitation for this project. I don’t have any AWS Credits (even I am an AWS reStart student, I will discuss this topic in another blog post), that’s why I couldn’t use all AWS Services which I want to try. Another limitation for me is time. I had evenings for 2 weeks (Christmas Holiday) to create this project, but despite that, I believe I built a good scaffold for the project, and I will improve it over time.

As I mention in the Limitations section, I’m an absolute beginner and I’m learning with this project. The content of this website may include wrong or/and missing information. I strongly suggest AWS Documents and AWS YouTube channel which clearly explain almost all cases.