After AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam – Opinions and Facts

After AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam – Opinions and Facts

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After 3 months, the AWS re/Start course is over and I took my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam last week. Actually, my exam date was 8th of Feb, Monday, but on Wednesday (3rd of Feb) at 2.30 pm, I suddenly decided to take the exam and rescheduled my exam to the same day at 3 pm. Yes, just half an hour later. I immediately checked-in for the exam and my AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam started. Why did I decide to take the exam suddenly and earlier than my scheduled date? It is because I’ve already felt confident and wanted to focus on the next step which is the solution architect path for me.

First of all, I think I have to mention my exam score. My AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam score is 893 (At least 700 is required to pass) out of 1000. It is not the best, but clearly enough to prove knowledge, especially for a suddenly taken exam in the middle of a tired day… In addition, I’m the first person who took the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam in my AWS reStart branch, 2 of my classmates will take the exam tomorrow (8th of Feb) and others will take on 12nd of February. 

Anyways, let’s talk about the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. 


As you can find on AWS Certified Cloud Exam page in AWS Website, there 4 main domains;

  • Domain 1: Cloud Concepts
    • 1.1 Define the AWS Cloud and its value proposition
    • 1.2 Identify aspects of AWS Cloud economics
    • 1.3 List the different cloud architecture design principles
  • Domain 2: Security and Compliance
    • 2.1 Define the AWS shared responsibility model
    • 2.2 Define AWS Cloud security and compliance concepts
    • 2.3 Identify AWS access management capabilities
    • 2.4 Identify resources for security support
  • Domain 3: Technology
    • 3.1 Define methods of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud
    • 3.2 Define the AWS global infrastructure
    • 3.3 Identify the core AWS services
    • 3.4 Identify resources for technology support#
  • Domain 4: Billing and Pricing
    • 4.1 Compare and contrast the various pricing models for AWS
    • 4.2 Recognize the various account structures in relation to AWS billing and pricing
    • 4.3 Identify resources available for billing support

Also you can find the details in the official exam guide and sample questions

In my opinion, I can say the exam was completely meeting my expectations. The exam asked for basic knowledge about basic/core AWS Services and there were few tricky questions. “Tricky” doesn’t mean hard or complex, just tricky. So, you have to read questions carefully and focus on keywords in the question. There are 65 questions in total and I’ve flagged 17 of them as tricky in the exam. When I was reviewing these 17 questions, I changed the answers of 3 of them. (My exam score shows that I have 58 correct answers and 7 wrong answers in the exam.) You can check my suggestions out on my How to start learning AWS blog post.

Official Practice Exam and other options

There is an official practice exam for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. It includes 20 questions and takes 30 mins. You should register to the certification account and buy it, same as the actual exam. Price of the practice exam is 20 USD, but the AWS reStart program provided a free practice exam voucher (and real exam voucher as well), so I didn’t pay anything for the practice exam. I strongly suggest a candidate take a practice exam before taking the actual exam, because questions, concepts and content of the practice exam are very similar to the real AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. I took the AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam 4 days before from my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam and my scores for both are almost the same. On the other hand, I’ve tried some different online practice exams but some of them are out of scope (like Whizlab’s Free Test) and some of them have wrong answers or questions (like QuizForm’s sample questions) are out of date. Yes, sample questions may be helpful but unofficial resources may cause a huge confusion. If you prefer to work with more sample questions, certainly work with a trustable resource like A Cloud Guru. -As you guess, trustable resources are not free.-

Extra 30 minutes for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

And timing… Normally there are 65 questions and you have 90 mins to answer all of these, but I want to share an important hint that too many people don’t know; you can apply for extra time if English is not your first/native language. Because of English is my second language, I applied for extra time accommodation and got 30 mins as additional time. -I’ve finished my exam in 90 mins.- In my opinion 90 mins is quite enough for most people who are comfortable in English, but even so, extra time makes you comfortable and you’ve never had to worry about time. You don’t have to provide any document or proof to get extra 30 mins, but you should apply for extra time before scheduling your exam. It is approved in several minutes.


To be honest, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam is nothing but helpful for understanding basic concepts. It is not too easy for a newbie, but it is not hard as well. If you are confident about the basics of the core services of AWS, don’t worry about the exam. If you are not confident, please check out my blog post for newbies and start working. You will be very confident if you dedicate some time to cloud concepts and core AWS services

I hope this post will be helpful for anyone who will take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to write as a comment to this post. And I would appreciate it if you share your exam experience with other candidates.

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