How to start learning AWS

How to start learning AWS

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There are lots of resources for people who want to learn AWS; official/unofficial documentations, tons of video tutorials, online courses/events, and much more. But sometimes, these crowd of resource may be cause of confusion. In this post, I will try to simplify the process of learning AWS and give a summary of valuable resources. I am going to choose resources from as possible as free and official ones. As you know, a good start is half of the success, so let’s start!

Prerequisites – What should you know before deep dive into AWS?

  • Basic IT knowledge – if you are an absolute beginner and don’t have any IT experience or educational background, first you need to understand basic IT concepts. There is a very popular and free CS50’s – Introduction to Computer Science course which is provided by edX and Harvard University. You can enroll this 12 weeks (6-19 hours per week) online course anytime and if you complete all tasks of the course, you may choose to buy the certificate of course. Or, you can choose a faster way by following crash courses on YouTube, here is a good example; The IT Fundamentals Crash Course for beginners by Google. (4 hours video on YouTube)
  • Linux Command Line – When you work with AWS, sometimes you need to use Linux Command Line to setup, configuration and troubleshooting activities. And also, most of the servers on AWS are working with Linux Operating System. That’s why you have to know how Linux OS works and what is the basic commands to use with Linux Command Line. There is a free and official online Introduction to Linux (LFS101) course which is provided by The Linux Foundation. You can enroll this 60 hours online course whenever you want, or of course you can choose a faster way with a crash course. Here is a good example; Linux Tutorial For Beginners – 1 (2.5 hours video on YouTube)
  • Networking Fundamentals – Networking is one of the most critical skill for AWS or any other cloud providers. Cloud is also a network, that’s why you should know networking basics before starting your AWS journey. I’ve found 2 well structured courses and both of them are free; the first one is Diploma in Computer Networking course by Alison which is 6-10 hours online course and provides a certification. The second one is provided by edX and New York University; Introduction to Networking. This online course takes 7 weeks (3-5 hours per week) and offers an optional paid certification. Besides these online courses, there is another good option; Computer Networking Crash Course by Google. (5 hours YouTube video)
  • Programming (optional) – actually, it is not essential at the beginner level, but when you pass the intermediate level and become a high level AWS Solution Architect, you have to use programming for automation and orchestration activities on AWS. It would be better to choose a scripting language which is also object oriented, by this way, one of the most popular options is Python. There is a free and lightweight course provided by edX and Michigan University; Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python). On the other hand, of course there is a lot of crash course on YouTube to learn Python. I can try the Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners course which is provided by freeCodeCamp. (4 hours)

Okay, I know it seems there is too many prerequisites before start to your AWS journey but don’t worry. You don’t need to have deep knowledge or experience in any of these topics. You just need to learn concepts at the beginning, then you will improve these skills during your AWS Solution Architect learning progress. Please note that, even if you don’t have any clue about networking, Linux or basic IT concepts, you can learn these fundamental concepts in a dedicated month.

So, don’t give up and accept the challenge!

The Official AWS Resources

When you decide to start an AWS Career journey, the official AWS resources will be your the best friend in this journey! AWS has really huge and well resources in several forms; documentations, tutorials, videos and free courses. In addition, you can try lots of AWS services for free with AWS Free Tier option. You can see a list of the official AWS resources below;

  • AWS Training Platform – You can find lots of free courses for all levels.
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course – This is the one of best practitioner courses and it is provided by AWS. Don’t miss it!
  • Free Hands-on Practice with AWS – 19 Free introductory hands-on labs hosted on qwiklabs and provided by AWS.
  • Amazon Web Services on edX – There are some free online AWS courses on edX platform. You can find the official ones on this link.
  • AWS Documentation – You can find tons of guides, tutorials, developer guides, API references and more. Don’t forget to add AWS Documentations site to your browsers bookmarks!
  • AWS Whitepapers – If you love to read, you shouldn’t miss this archive.
  • AWS YouTube Channel – I suggest you to always try AWS’s official channel before lost yourself in YouTube.
  • AWS reStart Traning Program – AWS reStart program is an official, free, 12 weeks classroom based (virtual classrooms during pandemic) education program for unemployed and underemployed individuals.

Other Resources to Learn AWS

There is no doubt that you can find too many resources on the internet about any topic. In the same manner, there are lots of paid or free resources about AWS. But, I will not mention any paid course or resource here, because I believe that you don’t need any paid course at the beginning. You can use the official AWS resources and they are always enough and free for beginner level. But if you still want to support your knowledge with other resources, I will list some of other free resources below.

Good luck!

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